Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Choisis la vie- Choose life!

So yet again I am going on my little rant about abortion-- so if you're uninterested in the subject I suggest you close out now and return on another day for something more to your liking:-)

I am in no way, shape or form in any position to impose my religious views about abortion on anyone because I too need help strengthening my religious beliefs and just being a "good Christian". As Jesus himself said, "let he without sin cast the first stone", being that I have plenty of sins...I can not throw any stones at anyone else for their sins.

With that said, you may have noticed that I usually approach abortion from the side of reason because here can be no 'wrong' or 'right' without reason. One can not convince another of something by merely saying "that's how it is" need to break it down into points that are logical enough for anyone to understand. I will get into this further at the bottom.

So here goes: I received an email yesterday about a case in Kansas where criminal charges will be brought against Planned Parenthood (the famous abortion clinic) because they have apparently been performing late term abortions--which according to American law qualifies as murder.

Well there is major uproar among certain people because they feel it will be a HIPPA violation to release charts that prove that indeed the Planned Parenthood personnel were in fact performing late term abortions and had forged the documents they handed in to the court.

I too should be singing the HIPPA violation song--but I feel that once you have committed a crime, especially one as big as murder, your right to privacy decreases when you enter that court room. Of course it's in the best interest of the women that are the subject matter to maintain their right to privacy, but if they willingly participated knowing full well that the baby/ fetus (whatever makes you feel better!) was more than 20 weeks old, then they have also committed a crime and by law should be punished!

So there's a catch 22--how far can the state reach into our lives and control things? That is the question.

I am continually amazed however that animals have more rights than an unborn child! Abusing an animal can get you jail time, yet suctioning a child out of your womb before 20 weeks is just dandy! You can do it as many times as you want my love!

Women's right to chose what happens to her own body:- Yes! by all means, a woman MUST have the right to chose what happens to her OWN body responsibly. She has the right to chose who she lays down in the bed with and must not be forced into sexual acts, and the right to alter her own body if she so chooses through plastic surgery...etc. Being responsible entails that you know and are aware once you are old enough to perform sexual acts that they can result in pregnancy. Responsibility means that you are aware that once pregnant, you are the vehicle by which life is sustained and the source through which the fetus becomes "viable".

Responsibility:- With all the contraception available on the market: pills, condoms, coils, patches...abstinence...etc is there an excuse to having unwanted pregnancies really?
In cases of rape, giving the victim the right to terminate the pregnancy is similar to giving the victim the right to murder the rapist in my opinion. Besides, even if you terminate the pregnancy, I doubt highly that you could forget that you were ever raped. The memory would linger on.

Morality:- Society sets the norms for what is moral and what isn't. Do not forget that not too many years ago, lynching was the norm in this society. It was accepted as morally sane by large masses of people who had the right to choose which negro could walk and which one couldn't. Homosexuality is also slowly becoming the norm now and is morally accepted where as it wasn't before. Even Hitler's ideas were morally accepted by his peers. Similarly-- abortion is accepted.

Conception:- The fertilization of an egg by sperm. Full stop. If you can prove to me that a baby can be created without the union of sperm and ova. I will concede defeat and agree that a fetus is just a woman's body part, like an appendix and can easily be removed if she so chooses. (even cloning depends on the life of another)

choisis la vie- Choose life! It will beinteresting to see the results of the case against Planned parenthood in Kansas.

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