Monday, April 21, 2008

Nena's fritters

Because I am just multi talented...I decided to make fritters today. When I was younger I used to like buying fritters from the road side even though I was banned from eating them because the vendors weren't the cleanest lost in the city. I quickly discovered the best fritters were made by 'amake tepa' with yeast...and oh my God they were only K500.... not you know I would buy them and smuggle them into my room and pretend I was not "hungry" that day!

So any way, I went to visit a Zambian sister and we were reminiscing about the good old days...and i suddenly got a craving...and you know when i get cravings that I really gotsa eat what I crave! I swear I must have been Cleopatra in my past life! or even queen Elizabeth...I can feel royalty in my blood even though my family states there's no such thing!

If you're feeling ambitious, write me for the recipe and i'll gladly share it for a nominal fee of a fogo dinner:-) lol...just kidding!

Any way, interesting questions of the day on the BBC website today is 'Who is to blame for the stalemate in Darfur?' the easy answer would be--the people of Sudan--but they have no resources to help them fight the militia and the government. It would be awesome if they did, because they could simply do it the African way and have a coup d'etat!!! I just purchased 'God grew tired of us' which is similar to lost boys of Sudan, but I hear it's even better. My initial plan in life was to be the secretary general of the united nations...but with failures to accomplish much in certain countries, I am beginning to doubt the efficacy of the organization! I mean...I could be their 'turn around kid' and just amaze everyone with my talent at conflict management and stuff:-) LOL... but seriously...Darfur is our badge of shame as an International community!

Oh and you may have noticed that I didn't mention anything about the pope right?, that's coz he I decided he wasn't too recession friendly by paying us a visit on a wednesday/ thursday. Well I have some really beautiful pictures taken of him by someone at the IMF... they are really cool. I figured I have seen one pope in my life time JP2...and It wont make me more holy to see another I didn't go. There are people complaining about him from his shoe color, to the fact that mass was in spanish also, and that he met with a few victims of sexual abuse!!! You know people talk too much sometimes! (okay me too). They called it a publicity stunt that he did... what the hell though??? if he didn't acknowledge them... it would have been another woe is us pity party with people complaining that he should have met with them! aarrghh...! You can not please people I tell you!

Right....I am off to unwind with my Youssou N'dour CD.... he makes me sooo happy. I haven't a clue what he sings...even when he does songs in English...but I really like his voice and instruments. Talking of great voices....why is Oliver Mtukudzi being elusive with his dates for the 2008 USA tour???


African girl, American world said...

I HAVE to have futumbuwa everytime I'm in Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

Ok that top pic just looks like a roll of shit but I have to confess they taste good