Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun follows rain... follows pain
AAAAHHHHHH!!!! The weather is really sucky today! The worst part is, I do not have a good movie to see or a good book to read. Also, as if i wasn't suffering enough, I seem to have lost part two of my pride and prejudice dvd...ummm I wonder who 'stoled' it!
It's raining cats and dogs...and that's really pathetic considering yesterday it was so nice and warm and I got to do some fun things. Well at first, I was supposed to go hiking with some friends to some place called 'old rag' or whatever in Virginia. They were supposing it would take about 4 hours to walk the trail...and Manena wasn't feeling that on a nice warm day. Okay I plan on doing a hike at some point with them... but yesterday wasn't the day. In the next fort night or so, they plan on doing Harpers Ferry, so I will most likely do that instead. We'll see where the wind blows.

I was supposed to go dancing yesterday, but I guess I was tired because I sat to watch an Indian movie, then before I knew it I was asleep...! OMG!!!! I have become a grandmother!!! I didn't even do my wine!

Also, I'm I the only one beginning to see a conspiracy with the Obama, Clinton, McCain thing? This is what I mean:- If the democrats keep clawing at each other, they will indirectly help the republicans when it's time for the big guns to come out. If they really cared about their party winning, wouldn't the super delegates step up now and say "someone has got to go?" They need to sit both of the candidates down and tell them who needs to step aside and why. Their little fight is taking away from the main election where everything will count. Frankly, just as McCain is sort of campaigning at the moment, they too should have already started the main campaign and not this nit picking session. What is that's the idea? to make McCain win?, then when he's done he'll help Clinton win? Hmmmm??? what if?

I really don't care who doesn't matter to me, but I am certainly tired of listening to Hillary and Barak fight. And I am tired of hearing "experts" change their stance on candidates on a daily basis.

Moving on...why is it that most people in this country prefer to be confronted before they do what they are supposed to do right? The other day, my eye was inflamed, so i picked an eye doctors name out of hat, made an appointment and went by to see him

This was what happened after I was placed in the room.


Doctor arrives 40 minutes after I was in the room. Does not look at me, and does not even acknowledge that I am in there for a few minutes then:

Silly Doc:- You have a problem with the left eye?
Manena:- Yes sir
Silly Doc:- how long have you noticed it?
Manena:- since the night before
Silly Doc:- Okay let me take a look
(prods eye, shines light in eye, lifts Manena's head up, turns her head...etc)
Silly Doc (while reaching for a bottle):- Right. I am going to put a drop in your eye.
Manena (getting out of chair):- sir.
Silly Doc:- why?
Manena:- well because I do not know you. You didn't tell me your name, you didn't ask for my name and you have not said what the drops are that you will put in my eyes, nor have you told me what the drops do.
Silly Doc (pointing at his stupid lab coat):- I am the doctor!
Manena:- well you didn't tell me that and you didn't greet me. For all I know, you could be the janitor dressed in the doctors lab coat ready to drop some anthrax in my eye! This place is very busy and there are too many people walking around. You don't even have an I.D badge on.
Silly Doc:- I am doctor silly doc, and you really need to have your eye taken care of
Manena:- I understand that, and I will only stay because I have taken the afternoon off work to take care of this. But I am not happy and this is not a free visit.
++++++++after care of eyes, I made sure to let the office manager know that were I to alert JACHO of this man's foolish behaviour it would be a big deal. I also let them know that for my follow up appointment on Saturday, I was expecting better service. So any way, I went back on Saturday...and this was my visit.
Silly Doc:- Hello Manena, how are you?
Manena (on the defensive of course):- good.
Silly Doc:- is you eye doing any better?
Manena:- yes it is
Silly Doc:- Oh that's really great news! Let me take a look...etc oh and just wait a little so I can direct you out of the building.
+++++++The man was a different person with a better tone and demeanor. I believe it's because I went all spaz on him...or maybe he finally got some that night...I don't know, but why did it have to come to this? why don't people just do what they are supposed to before they are told off? It's like they like to see how far they can push your buttons before you react!

If the power goes out because of this lightening...I am gonna be the saddest little girl in the neighborhood!
The Washington DC international film festival starts this week. I want to see AmericanEast with Tony Shalhoub (Monk) and 'In the name of God' on Sunday. Then maybe Saturday I could see 'The pope's toilet'. Africa is ill represented by Egypt. They call them Arab world films, but so long as Egypt continues to be on the continent of Africa...I will call it an African country! I don't care how many ways y'all try to explain to me that it's Middle Eastern. What--evveer!
Also, wine in the woods is coming up on May 17th and 18th...what JOY!!!! Columbia will be alive with wine lovers from the Baltimore/ DC metro area. I will be drunk and I will be eating everything they will be selling:-)
Talking about know how I am always having stupid dilemma's right? So for the last few weeks, I had been purchasing South African wine--new labels to me such as Indaba, Oracle, Kanu, something with a leopard on it...ect. They are great wines...don't get me wrong...and I initially was doing it to support my African brother's and sisters. Then the other day, I sat and thought about it and decided the bastido's shouldn't benefit from my dollar...then i thought again and now, I am doing it for the paupers that work the field-- you they can have a job to feed little Man'dla and Sibongile with. It took a while to get to that conclusion...but it just goes to show you how much growing I have had to do. I am like so totally really!
LOL!!! Boredom really makes you laugh at things that aren't funny! I am listening to a song by St Bernadette choir 'Ubulwele bwa AIDS' and I just burst out laughing. I mean they are seriously lameting the devastation of AIDS...but it's the way they did the lalalala part that just killed me! I am really not that heartless! Besides, I have only had 2 sips of wine and I am not "happy" yet!LOL
I like how in Zambia we can take anything and turn it either into comedy or a song! It just kills me! I remember the day my cousin and his friends turned the Peter Stuyvesant cigarette wrapper words into a song which ended with the words..."talala wemwana ba wiso li lofwa....waskokoko jammoni...palamilitary ku bus stopo!" Hilarious!!!
I suppose you're tired of reading, so i'll stop here:-) Have a great week....ciao

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