Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nothing even matters:-)

Happy belated independence:-)!!!
I hope your weekend was as swell as mine:-)

Okay, so talk about being a free loader! I haven't had to make a meal all weekend, coz I ate at other people's homes:-)

The party on the roof by the harbour was awesome! We had a splendid view of the fireworks, and they played several drinking games that I am unfamiliar with--and would probably suck at if I played:-)

The party on Saturday was just as great-- then I jinxed the pickles...spilt the juice on the carpet...and thereafter, everyone did something similar with the pickles! Lucky they were changing over to hardwood floors the next day, coz i figure they would have black listed me from their parties:-)

Today, my mission as a free loader continued...tomorrow, I will resume cooking, and acting grown up:-)

Venus v. wow! My Williams sister will always be Venus. We shared a special moment when she won her first Wimbledon... and I will forever be loyal to her. It's just amazing to have two people from the same family just that good! I wonder how much money they took home from this game....I am up for adoption Williams family!-- I could be Manena Williams... the super bad tennis player!
Then Federer lost today...bummer! I was hoping he would win.
Ghana has imposed steep prices on nurses trained in the country that want to leave and work abroad to help curb the 'brain drain'... nice planning.
It makes sense if you have trained the nurses and doctors, and they deserve repayment if they choose to abscond! Though, if they paid for the tuition themselves, then I do not believe that the government should impose travel fees on them when they try to leave just because they were trained in the country.
The G8 summit started... hmmmm wonder what will change post the meeting...

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