Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pantu Mu Konkluda!

Zambians and rumours! So apparently hotlanta Zambians have a thing going around about H.E. Levy Mwanawasa being dead...well according to inside sources, I would like to dispel those rumours. He is in fact alive as I write this. Please send some positive vibes to his family for his health and all. You all know I am not his greatest fan, but he is still the president of my country, and for that purpose, I respect him and wish him well.
He is also one of the biggest voices in the southern African region saying Mugabe must go. So actually the Zimbabweans must help us pray for our leaders health!

Can y'all believe I worked for 24 MINUTES on Tuesday? I can not! They are encouraging my lazy tendencies and really... that's not christian!
Okay the last few nights I have been having some really weird dreams... how about on Monday, I dreamt that I was with Gwen Eiffel and another politician that I didn't recognize, and we were chilling out, and talking politics right?

Then last night, I dreamt that I was hanging with Michelle and Barak Obama, and that at one point, Barak comes back in a wheel chair...and then he starts learning to walk!
Dude...I am thinking I am one step closer to be the U.N Secretary General or something!

Hold up....where have I been like really??? It seems they have decided that HIV actually originated from Africa because it resembles the SIV virus in some species of monkeys??? Okay, the implication here is that the Africans were either eating the monkeys or fornicating with them, caught some on a boat and delivered the disease to the rest of the world. That doesn't explain the death of the American teen in 1969, nor that of the Norwegian sailor in 1976, because the catastrophe started in the 1980's in Africa?...they counteract that claim with the claim that the earliest case was that of a Congolese man in 1959!

Okay I know I am a scientist...but B. flippin S.!!! Y'all aint pinning this on Africa like y'all have so many other things okay?

Coz even if it was from there...why were the many first cases mostly in homosexuals??? so like are you saying Africa had like a gazzilion U.C.B's (under cover brotha's) that like got on boats and came to chaya ya kumbuyo??? na wah oh!!!
I rebuke this research in the name of my ancestors!!! Tell me another story! They claimed a similar story about the Haitians...and the poor Haitians suffered in the USA...but tell you what? we aint going down like that! Give me the money for research and I'll prove you all wrong!
Oh and the forbes list of eligible royalty:- first of all, there is no way Prince William is hotter than prince Andrea Casiraghi or even prince Carl Phillip!, also Hell no is Princess Beatrice hotter than Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, princess Madeline or even Princess Sikhanyiso!!!

Okay Canada is also saying The president is dead... I am tired. Let me know in the morning so I can call out from work and mourn at home!

Okay, I pray he is still alive coz I am scared of what will happen at home if he is not... Also I guess it will mean Mugabe has some really strong Juju! The kind you get in Malawi!

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LOL at the Nah wah oh!!!!!