Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What if?

How many "what if?" questions are normal per day? Hmmm...just wondering.

So I had a fabulous weekend...till I decided to paint. Now take note I haven't held a paint brush in a very long time...so this was something very challenging. Don't panick.... I only painted my bathroom...and yes it lookd quite pathetic...but that's the beauty of owning stuff. You can make it suck as much as you want!!!! Right now...my bathroom totally sucks! I can not even show pictures. It was a great work out I must admit.
The good news though is that I redesigned my french doors in the living room...and I think I totally rock in that department! I gat skillz!

Oh I went to my concerts this weekend...and it was a blast! No pics at the moment (too lazy to upload), Fridays's concert strated very late...damned African time! I also got to hear someone called Loide-- her father is from Guinea Bissau mother from Mozambique...she was born in France and raised here...ahhh the sweet life of an African! She sho can saaaannng!!! They sort of boed her only because we were tired of waiting for Oliver Mtukudzi to come on. I loved the version of Lucky Dube's 'daddy remember me' that she did... but since it was an African show, I would have rather she sang in an African language than english. I think she would sound amazing if she did something like 'Malaika'.

You know my reggae brothers never fail to entertain! Oh and guess what? I just heard a new reggae song entitled "Barak Obama"...LOL... I was sooo tickled!


Anonymous said...

What if I'm a great painter?


david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Manena said...

thank you:-)