Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vice presidents

For McCain: the nominees are Tim Pawlenty, Colin Powell, Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal (how about my gurl Condee?).
So I think He needs to pick Colin Powell or Bobby Jindal.
Colin Powell counteracts the Obama effect. Also a lot of service men might find McCain more palatable with Powell by his side. There is much ado about Powell being a C student...but what the heck...so was McCain..and so are a lot of other folks out there!
Bobby Jindal would also somewhat counteract the Obama effect. I just think he has a brilliant history, seems like a well rounded lad, and his age will benefit McCain and make him look not so old. He will probably appeal to a lot of immigrants-- you know the whole 'American dream' thing.
Why not Tim Pawlenty?-- say what now? Tim who????
Why not Mitt Romney?-- might as well use Newt Gingrich! or better yet, Ann Coulter's crazy ass! The guy just kinda creeps me out! Okay, so maybe he would be as silent as Dick C., except when he shoots people with pellets... or something:-) Which is highly doubtable coz the guy seems like he likes his own voice plenty!

Obama has Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, John Edwards, Joe Biden.
I pick Hillary and Joe
Hillary Clinton:- Well since she only lost by a few points, and has proven to be a tough candidate, and she knows people and can get blue collar people...etc, I think she would be helpful to Obama. The problem with her is that he ran against her and things got a little ugly...so if I were him, it would be a tad hard to trust her. Though maybe she would work hard to leave a legacy as vice president! Who knows.
Joe Biden: Well...4 words. Foreign relations committee chairman. His son is also attorney general of Delaware, and is with the national guards and may be deployed to Iraq soon. So there you have it.
Why not Sebelius: Don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for her since that one priest refused to give her communion...etc. State of the union speech was comme ci comme ca. The problem is, she is as unknown as Obama... Okay she is motherly looking enough that she would appeal to women voters...a lot more than Hell-ary, so if a woman is really needed this election...sure he could use her.
Edwards: I am not being a hater... y'all know I just think this man should stay home and help care for his dying wife instead of stressing over elections and such. He would be okay, but he obviously hasn't been strong enough in two campaigns. I am sure you will say, well neither has McCain and look where he is now, or that Biden had been unsuccessful twice... but still. Edwards can do other work... secretary of state? or whatever.

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Ted said...


Wednesday, July 9, 2008
CNN Still Can't Bring Itself to Say Palin's Name

Last night on Election Center with Campbell Brown, a bunch of CNN talking heads discussed potential VP's for John McCain. They mentioned about 12 names overall, and also threw in a couple nonsensical wildcards just for one. One person they didn't mention? Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

It's becoming embarrassing to the MSM to watch their avoidance of a VP candidate nearly every serious pundit and analyst considers to be one of the frontrunners, but one of the best choices for McCain. Bill Kristol of the New York Times and The Weekly Standard actually came out a short while ago and flat-out predicted that Palin would be McCain's VP choice. But instead of even mentioning her name, CNN touted Joe Lieberman as the best option for McCain and one of their "experts" even claimed "the right would love it". They must have been talking to the three Obamacons again (oh those ever elusive Obamacons...). This kind of crap reporting is why CNN is getting clobbered by Fox News.
Written by Joshua Lawson at 10:07 AM

Dave Hilts said...
How typical. I agree with previous commentors on this topic. It really appears as if the MSM is quite frightened of Gov. Palin. Let's hope McCain makes the right choice.
July 9, 2008 10:23 AM

Anonymous said...
If you're a Republican, when in doubt, do the exact opposite of what the mainstream media is telling you to do. works every time.
July 9, 2008 10:23 AM