Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Magan)

So I finally finished reading 'Infidel', it was quite an interesting read. Her childhood is not unique to many Africans by any account...but what she has made of her life is extraordinary! Oh and she's soooo pretty!

I see where she's coming from with her story, but I am having trouble placing her in the 'mother Theresa' category or 'the opportunist' one. If you look at the expose video of her 'real' life, you get some shadows of doubt, but then again, that was the intention of the writer of that documentary. Her brother is a dumb ass though--he clearly states that he was warned that the documentary might hurt his sister, but he's like 'but it's okay because you assured us that it wont hurt her' if he knows the guys are trust worthy. Any way, you can buy people to say what you want in any part of the world!

The thing I don't agree with her on though is that the fact that Islam is all evil. I feel like the Qu'ran is like the Bible, and everyone interprets it as they chose. The bible before Jesus is quite disturbing...and I probably would have been an atheist had that been my only option!

What I agree with is that--Islam has more radicals for Allah, than does Christianity. For that purpose, we 'infidels' should be scared.

The other big controversy is that she lied on her application for asylum in Holland-- she admitted it herself. Many people lie when applying for citizenship in other countries, or even for visa's. The officials in these positions want to hear certain key phrases in order to give you what you want. There is nothing unique there either.

Her father shamelessly stopped talking to her because of can he throw stones when he had abandoned her family and the other wives he had married? How can you claim to be holier than thou when other people had raised your children while you were alive?

Her mother sounds like she was just plain crazy-- or heart broken. Nuh...CRAZY!

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