Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watchusay jonk?

Libya!...that's where Qaddafi stays!...etc (I am singing my Sarafina songs!)

So this week Jessie Helms was buried. I do not like to speak ill of the dead, but I shall say this: I do not think flags should have flown at half mast in North Carolina no matter how many times he was elected because of the tactics he used. The end.

Okay let me just say one thing here: Mugabe is an arse! Did you see what was written in the weekly Observer (Kampala) last week? He said he wants to learn from Mwanawasa how to defy death!!! He said he was impressed that Mwanawasa didn't die....I mean what an asinine comment to make at such a time! He said that's the only thing he can learn from an African country!
I do not understand why the people of Zimbabwe juts wont have a coup. They fought bravely for independence from the colonial master, so why wont they fight this dumb ass? If they are willing to be killed by xenophobic South Africans when they illegally cross the border, then surely... they can die for their country no?
So I s'ppose with comments like that I am now persona non grata in Zim:-)
Also, this week China and Russia rejected a UN security council resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. Quite frankly, I commend them for this. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I am a firm believer that sanctions do more damage than good for the local people. If you impose sanctions on Zim, Mugabe probably has Swiss accounts and will get his money and still be living large. The local people do no have that option. They already have food shortages and other economic issues.
Any way... that's how I feel about the issue.
Talking about arses (don't worry it's not a story of my poop!), Omar al-Bashir's ass is about to be taken down!!! The International Criminal Court (ICC), is preparing to lay down the charges. If you haven't seen the documentary 'Dafur Now: Six Stories. One Hope', see or maybe it might give you a better understanding on the ICC investigations and that sort of thing.
Alternatively, if you know me, you're welcome to stop by my house (with proper notification of course) and can watch the many Sudanese documentaries I have. I'm I obsessed? may be a little:-)
One of the sections of my christian life that I will not let falter is my belief in social justice. I may lack spirituality sometimes, I may gossip, occasionally doubt the existence of God, act a fool, but I will do my best for social justice, even if it's just writing one or two lines on my blog with the hope that I may help others through knowledge:-)
I believe in the sovereignty of countries, but there is a point when the rest of the world has to say enough is enough...and with Sudan I think that time is now. His fellow country men are protesting this impending indictment any way... but look at the color of the skin of the protesters. Duh...! Of course they do not believe this is going on!
I am not done reading Infidel yet, but it's very enlightening. I am learning how clans work in Northern Africa, and how the lighter skinned Somali's think they are more noble than darker skinned "slaves".
Moving forward... today is treat Manena Sunday, so I am feeding Manena, and I will take her to the movies:-) I want to see either War inc., or The children of Huang Shi... I am not sure if I want to laugh or cry yet... so I'll decide later. Probably once I get to the theater. Then after that, a nice long bath, wine, candles, a nice supper...some Nora Jones, and then lights out:-) ahhh, the little pleasures in life!
Because everyone complains when I watch Pride and Prejudice... I suppose I will stray and watch Emma or Persuations, or Sense and sensibility now.... y'all are just haters!

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