Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am very excited to inform you that my birthday will be friday... woo hooo!!!!! I have a few things planned for that weekend... and I think I will be well fed and very happy.

So any way... anyone watch the debate? I watched the whole thing and found it entertaining. McCain was acting like a big baby..."I am more experienced!"...ummm dude like for real? You're like 110 years better be more experienced! I wasn't thrilled about Obama saying "JOhns right" every 5 minutes...

Any hoo... They are going on and on about the bail out. I am just mad that it took this long before they decided to fix things. This has been going on since the Clinton era and before... I guess it's no time for blame and we should be really looking at a solution before we're homeless.

On the one hand, It's going to be good if the bail out plan is successful. It will save a lot of jobs for many people and also keep the market somewhat stable. I know many people feel that the people that caused this should suffer the consequences... but the truth of the matter is that they wont. They are multi millionaires who wont be sleeping hungry either way. Their little employees will be out of a job , and people will lose their homes coz they have no money...etc

I am working tomorrow so I can get Friday off... I feel so tired because I was out in DC last night. Went to Penang for dinner-- The food was fabulous! Then went to the Improv to see some comedy... most of the comedians had been on last comic standing and were quite funny. We sat in the front...and two comedians said I'm sexy...LOL... oh and the gay waiter hit on me kinda sorta... that was hilarious! Afterwards mi pana and I went to Indebleu to dance. Didn't stay long coz I was tired. I was home by 2am...I know...i'm lame:-) I drank wine, beer and some questionable liquor... surprised I am still standing, but I did have a major headache this morning.

Okeedokee... I am off to bed now so I can be fresh for the morning.

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