Tuesday, July 31, 2007

what shall i call this one?

i have been having a bit of fun, so i have been neglecting my best friend bloggy!

Any way, to fill you in... this last weekend we saw Hairspray, I really thought it was funny...and no it has nothing to do with my baltimorean biases...Oh and Kelly Ripa and latifah are soooo pretty! Travolta did well representing the round and luscious...and well... overall it was fun.

Then we went to the harbor and had a fun time watching baltimore from the trains.

Then the kids and I saw The simpsons movie...ummm well it was okay, but i think they are right in the beginning when they call us suckers for watching their movie!

Then this morning i went to the oral sugeon to take my wisdom teeth out like my dentist said... but the surgeon took one look at my x-rays and said "don't bother them if they don't bother you" and I kissed him! I am such a cow! he wasn't even cute, but i was sooo happy he sent me home without surgery! He made me promise to return if they ever bother me though... so i will be a good girl!

I also finally learnt how to do a sew in... girls know what i'm talking about! Oh and about new york, I think we're gonna have to rent a car and drive there... I was hoping for a nice relaxed trip there, but it seems complicated to take the train and the bus to Ithaca... so my lazy ass will either have to drive there, or we'll fly.

Oh wow... they are finally taking down khmer rouge! those little punks looked very scary in 'the killing fields"!
WOAH! Zim has a $200 000 note! what the heck! I hope the rest of Africa is taking notes on what not to do...! It seems like only yesterday when we used to feel posh by taking a vay cay in Zimbabwe!
I also don't understand the United States logic to not joining CEDAW...
Why did I think Ingmar Bergman was dead like a while ago? turns out he just died! I guess it's the way the movies look...:-) strawberry fields... oh wait that's the beatles....! well the one i saw had the word strawberry somewhere:-)
oh and which dummy doubted that Star Jones had surgery??? dude get your eyes checked!


African girl, American world said...

I have no idea what you're writing in this post but I luv ya anyway....LOL

Manena said...

lolol! gurrl I was trying to talk about everything at the same time. BBC addicts will know exactly what I am on about if they have read the news today!:-)