Wednesday, July 04, 2007


So Monday night i was in a pissy mood, then Tuesday the comcast employees pissed me off further. They were supposed to fix my internet connection and it wasn't fixed and i called to inform them and they said it would take 6 days for the wireless connection to start. I put on such a great performance I guess because by evening they had fixed everything I asked for. I had screamed at one of the guys so bad I felt sorry for him later...but he caught me at a bad time and suffered for everyone else's mistakes...oopsy! It's really pathetic that businesses wait till they push you hard against the wall before they do what they are supposed to.

So that was my little victory for the week. I was also glad that they let what's his name from the BBC out. It's funny that Hamas helped get him out...!

Oh and remember what I said about the ZIALE students? They will finally be allowed to write the bars. Nothing has really changed, thank goodness they will get to write.

Oh wait...does anybody out there love God? okay then can you buy me an iphone pretty please? I am not sure what it does...but I want it!


sangwani said...

lol I love God but its YOU that should be buying me the iphone as a graduation pleasant (present)

kokakolafanta said...

I love the video. I read that the lead singer is bling monga P.K. Chishala!