Saturday, July 14, 2007

Someone please call 911!

Someone please call 911, tell them i have been been shot down...and the bullets in my soul, and it's piercing through my soul...feel my body getting cold!

okay tonight we went to a winery, and i am drunk but not sleepy yet! It has been an interesting to end it on a good note i went out to the usual boordy's winery and got drunk..yaay! So any way, the song is a know who you are...Mr. Special!

Some wonderful stuff happened to me this week..well and some not so cool stuff. Well on a good note I am officially a co-owner of a LLC!!!! how cool is that??? more details to follow...but really...I came to this country with $200, and I am damned if i leave with that amount! It's called determination..and I have enuff for my village! ah tumbuka muli huli? enisha baby!!! woooh!!!

Oh wait...i was also employee of the month 2 months in a row... which makes me wonder..coz i really didn't put too much effort into my work...and if I did, I would probably own the world!!! I feel like a nerd...oopsy!
oh no... the wine i was drinking tonight has disgusting is that??? I hate watermelon with a passion!!!


kokakolafanta said...

I thought you promised yourself not to drunk write again!
OMG!!! I am sooooooo happy for you! So the LLC is official? ah guy muti ngenesako liti nchito? chi goodie were you employee of the month twice? they must not have many people working for them...haha...:)

C$,TX said...

I am sooooooooo proud of you!!! There is no limit to success(only God can stop yah!) , just keep praying and keep it real!
BTW- Next time you have the urge to W.U.I, Call a sista! I know you tried to, but call the L.L. too!
Thanks for the Iron info:-)


Manena said...

okay the reason i was W.U.I is coz I'm just a happy person...and i get happier under the influence and I just wanted to tell the world how happy I am! Besides kokakola, I get $100 for each month I am employee of the month! Too bad they tax it! I am going to get my huurr did...:-)