Sunday, July 01, 2007

oh what fun!

okay, so my blogging has been slacking lately, but that's because my internet access at home died for some reaosn which i do not understand and so far neither do the technicians at comcast. I my internet access through comcasts broadband...or whatever they call it, I really don't care so lng as it works! well, they told me they can only come out on tuesday to look at it because they are "very busy this time of the year"...take note that I called them on Wednesday!

Any way, It has been a very, very nice weekend. Yesterday we went to a bridal shower with the gang and we had a great time! After a few adult drinks, I was quite happy by 4pm! Then we were off to boordy's winery for wine and salsa...AWESOME! It was just what I needed after a long week. To be honest I really wasn't tired this week because I mostly worked 9-5 for 3 days only...and on one of those days this little cute old lady tried to force $100 on me for the great care I gave was really sweet!, but i would be fired on the spot and lose my licence if i dared take her up on the offer!

Any way, back to the winery...I have a weakness for latin men (or those that speak romance languages) so you can imagine how I felt in a room full of them! I was totally over joyed! I also like people that know how to have a good time and join into dancing even if they don't know how... and there were plenty of baaadddd dancers on the dance floor! I don't remember much of my trip back home...but i apparently led us home in the dark woods...and no, my companion was not drunk driving... just had a bad sence of direction! What was a little odd was that it was salsa night, yet they served crab cakes, pitt beef, pit turkey and italian sausages??? que pasa??? no entiende!

This morning...I went to church to pray for my sins from the past week and to say farewell to father matt (sob, sob), he's going away to another church and you could tell how great he is because the immaculate conception was filled to the max at his farewell mass. I also got to see the famous Knights of Columbus at mass in their full uniform...yeah... feather hats and all! I was silly to have left my camera at home because they looked sooo exotic!

Okay I need to feed my tummy...if i do not post by independence day, I wish all of you in America- or Americans happy independence day and you better believe I will be eating all your hot dogs...and benefiting from your victory! You know how us immigrants like to take over everything! viva independence!

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