Monday, November 12, 2007

Excitey whitey!!!

I had a really really really great weekend! It was so great that most of my favorite people in the world called me...and they are neatly lined up in my 'received calls' tab on my cell phone... how cute is that?

So any way, we were supposed to go to Georgetown friday night, but the weather wasn't to my liking, so we ended up at Jaleo's in Bethesda. We took a cab so nobody could go home sobber :), the cab guy pissed me off honking like he owns the building and lucky for him...he was an older African guy playing classical music in his cab... so I spared him the lecture!

Any way I love Tapas...they remind me of the Zambian concept of 'ozamwina', you know like when you drink they bring out all the little rosted bits and pieces such as chicken, t-bone, michopo's (come on! don't front like you haven't tasted them before!)... the only difference is that the spanish have more variety I guess n the fancy things you can choose from while you drown in a bottle of something delightful:-)
After dinner we tried to locate the other African Club in Bethesda and were lead instead to Bambule (a spanish club) by the some dumbass at one of the bars we inadvertently stopped at. The patrons were too hillarous for us to stay, so we went looking for live music in the rain...while cab hoping. That's what you call 'really looking for a party'.

Saturday, we went lookig for chocolate cake from Balducci because I had a major craving... unfortunately they didn't have any of the kind i like damned them! so i settled for my other craving- scrabbled eggs and bacon! Balducci also had a 20% off all cases of wines sale...who i'm I to pass up this offer??? you better believe i took advantage of it!
Then we went spent most of the afternoon and evening at Neiman Marcus and Saks fith avenue...lord have mercy! you all know I wasn't buying anyting there, I was just an escort. The day I shop there will be the day you all either know I robbed someone or finally landed that sugar daddy I have been scanning the market for... aka Bill gates! lol! but seriously...why should a plain cotton dress cost $1000? que? The store had kids with their parents actually purchasing this stuff. I for one believe that kids shouldn't have a dress costing more than $200 if they have no do they learn the value of hard work? lol... I'm probably only writting this way coz i'm poor. If i were ricj i would probably do the same thing for my kids.

Saturday night we parted ways... one going this way and the other that way. We met up again Sunday for lunch and to talk.

Then i finally got my inheritance that I really wanted from my grandmother after many negotiations, sanctions, vindications and summons! It's a hymn book (united church of Zambia U.C.Z) of the songs that my grandma used to teach me. I was soooo happy! I also found a few more CD's with songs I like that I haven't heard in a while. I also got the new Oliver Mtukudzi album...

As predicted the girls weren't too thrilled with me ditching them on friday, so they stalked me saturday and sunday, and they finally got me this afternoon to go to lunch with them at Panera. I will not be going back to panera- I found bug in my soup!!! how disgusting!

Any way I had a greeeeeeeeaaaattttt weekend:-) hope y'all did as well.

By the way ticket prices to Zambia are so disgusting! we'll soon have to start walking there!


African girl, American world said...

$200!!! How bout less than $20? Yes, I am a cheap one :) I have no shame. Even with a job $20 is too expensive for me. Long live sales and clearance racks.

kokakolafanta said...

you should have tried michopo from that club ku longacres!
what's with the ka beema kumbuyo? shine!