Sunday, November 18, 2007

Namaste my friends!

amazing race: So I accidentally ended up on the CBS tonight and they were showing this 'amazing race' show. The contestants had to go to Ouagadougou and I haven never heard that much ignorance in my life! They have these 2 racist sounding blondies that on day one declare that the cab driver will rob them, then one asks her friend where they are going...and she responds "oh we're probably goigng to be sold into slavery!" then when they're on the train, they start laughing at people coming on and saying they smell... they are like "what perfume is she wearing?" and the friend goes "perfume d'afrique!" I was like what the hell????

Oh and like we don't have enuff bad news, China announced last week that it was reducing it's holdings in US assets! I just want this whole economy thing to fix itself and be done with! I guess I should cut down on reading the economist!

Any way on more positive news... I did a whole stack of laundry today, read several books this weekend, spoke on the phone for hours, finally saw shrek 3 and ratatouille ( i know right? I am so far behind in movies!) and I ate ifisashi and ichifu...and should be feeling very fat right now:-)

While we're at it, the popular mine "trucking" business in Zambia doesn't make sence to me. So supposedly, you buy a truck at $20 000 +/-, then you lease it to the mines and make any where between $11 000- $60 000 per truck per month according to sources that are currently doing the business. To me it just isn't economically sound for the company to do it that way. It seems to me they can buy a truck a month and trash it if they have that kind of disposable income!

So any way... why is it that when some zed girls date muzungu's they tend to act all stereotypical? Well I have heard it called "booggah life"! I have seen people make major transformations speaking in strange accents, dressing in strange attires, doing strange zungu like weaves (blue, purple, gold..hey!) and basically just doing stuff that's waaaayyyy out there!
I know this real life "pretty woman", and just like in the movie, she was taken from a hooker like setting in zed by this zungu diplomat-ish guy...and she pretty much gets to see these amazing places and meet these celebrity type people...but my thing is, you've been together for so many years, and what if one day he says it's over and sends you packing...what do you do then? you have no college degree, no work experience per se, most of your friends probably have moved in the last few years--I mean I feel sorry for her...

Oh and like when Hillary wins... it will make things easier to remember the American predidents, coz you can go, bush, clinton, bush, clinton, bush?'s like a conspiracy btwn the two families! different parties my ass!

Any way, its late... I am going to admire myself in the mirror while pondering the meaning of life:-)


African girl, American world said...

DAMN @ this....$20 000 +/-, then you lease it to the mines and make any where between $11 000- $60 000 per truck per month
Shoo may not make sense but it would be lovely for my bank account :)

kokakolafanta said...

lol! you are so funny guy! ati boogah life! I know who pretty women is! iwe you mean people can make that amount from the trucks? manje 20 pin to buy the truck? when you find that sugar daddy can we share him?

sangwani said...

Ala Manena they will beat you one day! Looooool