Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lowest life expectancy

The U.N. report came out with the best and worst places to live in the world. Iceland is the best place...so lets see if we can get those boats from Africa to iceland! (okay that was like a stupid joke), but seriously with that new report out, they are fueling the misconception that 'all countries north of Africa are the best' and that if you want to be happy and healthy you need to get on that little boat and become an illegal immigrant. I wouldn't be suprised if more boats are intercepted by Spain...etc.

Also...as if it was news, it turns out Zambia has the lowest life expectancy! taa daa! (I thought we've known that for the past few years). Japan on the other hand has the highest life expectancy. So I was thinking, and this is just you know... throwing it out there....why don't all Zambians Marry the Japanese and balance things out:-)

I also found a fun story about the "gulabi gang" a.k.a the pink gang, because they wear pink and are led by a woman- Sampat Pal Devi. It was only a matter of time before this could happen:)

Did you guys see the story about the two year old found in a plastic container in Texas? Who the hell knocks around a two year old? If the mother was tired of her, she could have just given her up for adoption...the cute little thing was blonde and blue eyed...you know they're first to be adopted!

The other disturbing story about mothers that i heard was 2 weeks. This little 13 year old (A) had a fight with a friend (B) of her's. So friend B's mum sets up a fake boy on myspace and fake boy pretends to be in love with friend A. Then after a little while he slanders her name and dumps her. So friend A kills herself!!! WTF? A suicidal 13 year old? Over a boy??? I'm sorry, I guess I was a late bloomer, but I certainly didn't feel that strongly about boys then...and I still don't now! I haven't met a guy I consider worthy of my life.
But that's beside the point. What was a mother getting that involved in her 13 years old's life for? How could a mother sit there and help her create a fake guy to tease her friend with? They knew they girl already had low self esteem and hit her where it hurts! How totally cruel!!!

Any way I haven't been to work in a week, so i suppose I should prepare for tomorrow.


African girl, American world said...

Lowest life expectancy in the whole world?? To Zed? Damn!
It worries me how involved parents get in their kids lives...it is SO not that serious!

kokakolafanta said...

lol! guy you've got jokes! I can see you with a Japanese husband:-)

I know some pretty bored parents who pay a LOT of attention to their kids!