Friday, November 09, 2007

Romance novels

So i've been quiet for a while... pretending to be busy so you guys could think i have alife or something:-)
No seriously though, I have been caught up in my novels and had a lot of contemplating to do.

If you have never had the opportunity to pick up a romance novel I would like to suggest that you pick up one that's circa 1800's... They are just fabulous! I don't read the modern day romance novels because they do nothing for me. The men are only half as gallant, they don't take as many risks for their women and really it's too much like real life... that I know it's fiction.

The 'historical' novels though have so much passion! The are no emails to send, no telephone to call, and when she's missing, there's no google, or 'people finder' to help locate her! There's always a lot of drama.... you know like she walks into a room and people stare at her coldly because she's so hot. The way the men express themselves word evades me! Instead of just the plain old 'will you marry me' or 'I love you'... they come up with descriptions of how her eyes did something to him, or how her laughter just leaves him weak. The drama of thieves, trollops, conniving wenches and the deceptive people of the ton just puts you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out how far they will go.

When Sir whats-his-name or the duke of Nenaland beholds her bossom....ummm the room just gets too hot you have no choice but to take a cold shower!

So needless to say, since i was cancelled from work today... i picked upi a copy of a Cheryl Holt novel and I am now blissfully happy in my make belive world!

as for the real world... Musharaf thinks he's so slick huh? We've seen those little "state of emergency" stints in Africa... he can't fool me!
- Darryl Perry's story is another reason why you shouldn't be too hasty to pull the plug when someone is declared clinically dead in the hospital. The story is so heart warming.
- The USA just purchased a new hand bag...aka newly separated Sarkozy!
-The mafia commandments have been found-- I am intrigued enough to want to know what they contain:-)
- We have approximately a $6 trillion deficit in the USA. Wow! All i need is a fraction of that amount... if i should be so lucky!
-One of the doctors at work thought I hated him because I hardly ever said a word to him... so yesterday I had to explaijn myself to was very funny. later in the day, he told a co-worker that I'm awesome...and i was like- so what else is new?
- Tonight is sushi night, but I am on my way to Georgetown...and i haven't told the girls I wont be meeting them... so i gather i will be holding my own funeral tomorrow when they kill me:-)
-Oh my... winter is here... why couldn't it just not come this year?
- The picture is really of my cousin bungee jumping in Zambia... she's got more guts than me man!

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