Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am sooo excited that tomorrow is Friday.... I am sure you're tired of hearing it... but gotta love fridays! I will be off saturday, sunday and monday! excitemundo!

Hey does anyone know a good business lawyer? I have a question but I'm cheap and I need a free lawyer:-)

Also why do people like to ruin it for others? wha a gwan with the aid workers in Chad taking all those kids? I betchu the families were partially involved! Also I don't buy the "we were just trying to help" defence... coz nah wow! how many people in the world adopt black children-- other than Madonna and Angelina? what were they going to do with that many kids once they got there?

In addition, doesn't the Menezes story kinda remind you of Amadou Diallo? except the other dude is hispanic and in England.

The Hollywood writters are threatening a strike teeheeheehee! WTF? It really doesn't concern me, but I have no pity for their plight. Do you know that a new writter in hollywood makes approximately $7500 per episode? So imagine something that comes on weekly like 'sex in the city' that pretty much lasted years... how disgusting is their salary at that point??? C'mmon now! I clean poop and only make a fraction of that amount! Talk about the wrong profession

Winter is going to be bitter this year!!! I can feel it! I wish I could work from home and just never leave till spring!

I am so grown up! I wrote to my congress people or what ever they're called to let them know not to raise taxes when O'malley puts his proposal in. I have been assured that my representatives are all Republicans, so I can rest easy coz they wont let that happen:-)
any way Shalom... I should be in bed:-)... oh it's the last season of scrubs... kind of a sob sob moment:-)

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