Sunday, November 25, 2007

Na leloline ali tutemwa!

Gosh! I ate myself silly on thanksgiving much that I Manena- requested a walk after dinner because my belly felt too full. I am thankful for being fortunate enough to afford to have food in my belly every day. Really!

Christmas started last week as evidenced by the christmas carols on the radio! I don't mind the carols, but to listen to the same ones till christmas seems like torture!

Oh and I got a better explantion about the 'trucking biz' in Zambia. So as it turns out, we think the government mandates that the mining companies create jobs in the areas for the locals. So then the mining companies ask that locals provide trucks and then in turn pay $20+/- per ton carried, so yes in a day you could easily make $5000 per day if your truck driver is very proactive and the distance the load is carried is short. So it makes more sense to me now.

Peace talks will be held this week in Annapolis well mostly for the Isrealis and Palestinians because they don't know how to act, so Condoleeza's going to teach them how:) Well basically that's what it is in short right?

Oh I went off to talk on the phone and lost my train of thought...oppsy! well enjoy the music video... I really like it:-) and if you don't...well you're a doomass!

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