Monday, March 31, 2008


I am awake...finally! I have some "home work" for my job that I need to get done and I have touched nothing yet! It's a huge pile of papers and ...woe is me....I am really intimidated just looking at the content!

So Zim gets to vote.... who wants to bet Mugabe wins??? LOL...I would like to hope there will be no rigging...but what the heck...that would be useless.

Also in the news-- Dith Prahn died. You know him... that journalist from Cambodia that survived the Khmer rouge era and was the center of the 'killing fields' film? If you haven't seen the film I would highly recommend it. It's thought provoking and just shows what happens when people think they are in charge of the world and all who live in it.

If anyone out there is still doubting the recession, I have news for you. They just laid off 50 people where I work, and they have another 50 people to go or something like that. Also 3 people that I know have been laid off. One is lucky enough that they will pay her for another 4 months while she looks for another job which was awfully kind of them I think. Gosh! I really miss the days gas was a dollar!

Ummm...yeah it looks like it's April already...and nope...still haven't done my taxes! Who is surprised by the that? Procrastinator queen has done it again!

Oh and another thing before I forget! Why are a lot of Zambian "elite" so damned proud of the fact that they can not write or read their language? or even speak it for that matter? I find that so retarded!!! They use it like a badge of honor "Oh I can not read in that language" yet you read plenty 'well' in Ebonics and have the accent down packed! Somebody was trying to write something in Bemba today...and my goodness I was distraught when I saw the spellings! I am not the worlds best bemba speller...and for that reason I have a Bemba dictionary so I can either look up word use or spellings. Okay, so my thing is...and this goes for everyone in the world... if you're not proud of your culture who will be??? Same as if you're not proud of yourself...who will be???

Lol...look at this conversation between my friend and her 5 year old. My friend had just finished chastising her 5 year old and the child starts crying:-
Mother:- why are you crying?
5 year old :- because I want daddy
Mother:- daddy is at work, what do you want him?
5 year old:- Because I'm having A BAD DAY! (drama!)
LOL....I laughed so hard...a 5 year old having bad day?????


sangwani said...

hmmm ba Manena ati: "What do you want him"?????

misskuni said...

It's quite amazing that most people go on about being proud of their culture yet most kids born in the'00s can't speak a native language and that really upsets me!