Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I am so fatigued:-) I just got back from an exciting trip to Texas it was awesome!!!

The city itself is great, lots of land, big beautiful houses, tall wonderful buildings with mirrors, steaks, steaks, beer, steaks... OMG

I also got to be a God-Mother... yeah you better respect me now. I am holy and sanctified. That's right...and it aint over yet. I will be a God-mother again at the end of the month in Iowa! Okay, so i've had a revelation and have to make better judgements in my life because these kids will be watching me and stuff... but you know what? At the moment they are too little to understand the situation... so I figure I have a few more years of 'stoopid' before I have to change my ways and act right:-)

I drank so much beer... I think I have a beer belly now... well it's growing:-)
My big disappointment was South forf ranch- a.k.a J.R Ewing's home from Dallas. OMG... it was sooooo small and not impressive at all. I was going to ask for my refund because I was not happy with it. They had to explain to us that TV adds ten pounds...and the swimming pool was made to look big by having everyone pretend to swim fast and stuff... I have lost my faith in TV. Not that I was ever a big fan of TV, but that was not cool man!

Monday night goes out to Yummy Gummy...:-)

I am sooo not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

ok... the pics are not in order coz I am too lazy to put them in logical order, but enjoy them anyway:-)

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