Monday, September 15, 2008


Was in Bethesda friday:- Happy Birthday to my aunt Linda and Little Mikaela:-) We had soooo much to eat and drink and went to bed at almost 4am... then we were up by 8am or so because Mikaela wanted her daddy and wanted to go little girls and their daddies!

Then Saturday...we took la familia to the airport and I went on to meet friends in Baltimore. We had a nice early dinner at Don Pablo's... okay nice because of the conversation... the food was mediocre for Mexican. Then we went to Barnes and Noble for dessert... yum cheese cake.

Later that night mi pana and I went to meet friends in DC at Indebleu and Zaitinya. I had a great night, tried to keep mi pana company on the drive back... but I fell asleep. We didn't get home till like 4am or something like that. I was walking dead the next day. Lousy lunch at carmine's... sucky pasta!

So Zimbabwean's are about to power share...hmmm... it sounds like science fiction. Then the stock market went down...hmmm... and gas prices went hey...I feel beautiful:-)

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