Monday, September 01, 2008

Exactry fye ifyo fine!

So McCain picked Palin...I think it's on and poppin now!

I had a great time this weekend! As usual.... friday I met up with the girls for sushi, shopping and drinks. This went on for the whole night. I didn't get into bed till midnight... then my mum called just then. Then I went to bed, and some idiot called me at 7am to play a song for me from their you don't understand....I have no clue who that guy was, but I picked the phone up twice and he was like hold on...and played some stoopid song. So the third time, I let it go to voice mail, then I guess he figured out he had the wrong number... then the calls stopped. I would have cussed him out if he called again and I was ready!.

Saturday morning, I was at the mall as soon as it opened to find a dress for my friend's wedding...I know, I'm a slacker... was born that way:-) Well I went to several stores starting with my fav cheap stores... because I'm cheap:-) I went to Filenes basement and Burlington. After I had no luck at those stores...I went just about everywhere else-- nordstoms, bebe, limited, express, some shady looking store-- Then finally, Eureka!!! White house black market. I found the perfect dress and the perfect accessories.
This is how perfect it was: when my "date" (lol) came he said "wow, you look amazing". Then the neighbour (the lady I got mad at coz she asked me to turn down my music) she said "you look gorgeous!", then I got to the wedding and a million people who I don't know said I looked fantastic. I was on cloud nine thinking I was about the combination of Naomi Campbell and Oluchi!

My elation continued when we went to 13th floor belvedere...and got almost the same reaction from strangers. Any way...enough about me. I iwll post pictures when they become available. I bought a small camera to fit in my small purse, but like they say-- you get what you pay for. It was cheap for a reason. I took one lousy photo after another. So I will wait till the other's post pictures and "borrow" from there.

BTW The view of the city from the Belvedere is breath taking! it's just so amazing-- not more than me of course, but a great beauty nonetheless:-) lol

Oh and to the Zambian's, I am sure you have all received the Cynthia Kanema email by now. All I can say is...WTF??? why do people feel the need to involve other's in their spats? so what if the Folotiya dude and other's are tapping her ass? I mean get over it! If she's a ho, so are the men!!! If the lady seriously thinks about it, she will see that her husband is probably bad mouthing cynthia coz he either couldn't get any or was turned down for round 2. As much as I find those emails entertaining... it's a bit much at times.

Any hoo, I have casualties of war aches and pains from Saturday. Serves me right though, and I aint complaining:-) I feel like I experienced Bosnia and Vietnam all at once. I have to go soak my body for a while and see what happens.

Oh and guess who isn't working tomorrow??? that's right!!! me:-) I am also planning to be in Texas this week, so I am hoping Gustav, Hanna and Ike don't get in my way! So keep me in your prayers. I really want to go. They say EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas and a sista's gotta check it out for a herself! I also want to see J.R's ranch and some other texan stuff:-) G.Dubya's there at the moment-- hey, maybe we'll link up:-) What happens in Texas gets deleted from all cameras:-)...just kidding. I will be a perfect role model.

I watched "there will be blood" today and I was not amused. What the hell was that? the movie is as bad as 'monsters ball'... I was really disappointed because of the great reviews it had. Sometimes I am not sure if I am seeing the same thing as other people.

BTW...I wonder when the elections are in Zambia...I just might stand for president:-) LOLOL. Start my own party and stuff...and you my loyal readers can be nominated as anything you want except president because I said it first.


African girl, American world said...

I am out of the loop...what is this Cynthia email? Fill me in and go ahead Jr. Naomi/oluchi :)

Manena said... are not a Lusaka chick that's probably why you didn't get the Cynthia email, I will forward it to you so you can see that mess.

Anonymous said...

pls foward to moi