Sunday, September 21, 2008

Notes from my death bed

As I lay here dying today, I dozed off and was awoken by the sound of an African voice on telly...I thought I had either died or was in Africa somewhere. It turned out it was Thabo Mbeki's voice and he was resigning from his position as president! I am still slightly in shock because although I saw it coming, I somehow managed live in denial and think it wouldn't happen.
That is very disheartening news for the southern African region and Africa in general. This will definitely lead to a period of instability in South Africa during the election process. Any way, like I said, South Africa will eventually be Zimbabwe if they are not careful. The signs are there.

Then Ehud Olmert resigned--- wow. What is going on in the world?

So as you can tell, I am dying. I have a bad cold and I can not breath right. My voice was gone Wednesday and then it came back, then cold got worse. Instead of being a good doobie and staying home-- I went out to D.C to play and watched 'the women'. It was a highly enjoyable chick flick and I will update you when I have the strength:-)

aawww gaawwwd the economy is a mess...where will all the laid off people go? Okay I am going back to nursing myself... woe is me

Oh and I really suck at lying! I was telling a white lie to my manager about why I wasn't going to work on Tuesday... and I almost got away with it till she called back to ask a multitude of questions about other stuff... then she hit the nail on the head and instead of defending my "doctors appointment" I burst out laughing... so now it looks like I will be working on Tuesday:-) how sucky! lololol... i need to work on my lying skills...

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