Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin pro's and con's

Yeah... I've been slacking..and I know you're all thinking why in the world did she only say one line on Palin? Well honestly... Gustav got in the way of the convention and I lost track and got bored with everyone "being so caring" please gag me!!!
Okay talking about hurricanes (ummm yummy drink!):- If you LIVE in a flood zone.... what will happen when there's heavy rain???? So if you knew that, why in the world are you expecting FEMA to pay for your mess using tax payers money?? I'm just saying. That's all. Enjoy the beautiful Florida keys!
but, I digress...
So back to Sarah my new friend... I do not believe that was McCain's best choice, but he did good in his selection and this will make for an interesting election. I know people say "we don't vote for vice presidents, we vote for presidents", but really, if McCain drops d.e.a.d by say... I don't know... next spring? Well that will make her the first female president. So yes, a V.P is very important! I believe after this choice, I can confidently say McCain will win. Not because he's a better candidate or whatever, but because a lot of people wont see the Palin move as calculated as it was. They needed a woman to get the 'sisters of the traveling pant suits' on board and they got her.

A gun totting runner up beauty pageant contestant from Alaska, who's husband is a blue collar worker, and who's teenage daughter didn't get the memo on abstinence. The real American dream team.

Pro's in my eyes
  • She is pro-life
  • She refused to abort her baby even when informed he would be born with downs syndrome even though 90% of women given this news chose to abort.
  • Her son will be in Iraq
  • She's a woman
  • The christians will eat her up like manna from heaven
  • She believes doctors should manage health care and not bureaucracies
  • Lowering taxes here and there


  • Guns. I hate guns.
  • She has nothing on immigration
  • She would sign the death penalty bill
  • She is not a friend of the environmentalists
  • Has nothing at all on foreign policy

Now for the evaluation. I think the 'deep down yonder' republicans needed a reason-- any reason to stand by McCain and this was it. It's not so much that they think Palin is the worlds greatest, but, they needed a reason to vote for their candidate. To start with Palin smoked weed when it was legal in Alaska (might be a closet smoker now), her teenage daughter will have a baby daddy (totally a no no for holier than thou republicans because it kills their little abstinence is important thing), She has little experience to manage world issues and has only traveled outside the USA like maybe twice? If America is a super power shouldn't it's leaders have knowledge of the rest of the world to maintain that position?

I resent that they keep saying her lack of experience is like Obama's. That is total crap. Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard law school and was a senator. She graduated from colleges with no entry requirements with a degree in journalism and is a governor of Alaska. It doesn't take much skill to be elected in your home town for anything. Dude, this is the same trick that was being investigated for firing her ex brother in law for custody issues! Abuse of power?

I think the reason a lot of women are lapping her up is because there are a lot of bitter Hillary supporters...or rather feminist groups that are ready for change, but want a woman to make that change. To them it really doesn't matter who the woman is so long as she has a vagina.

As women we should be really upset that this is the choice. Of all the educated and savvy women in politics, this is really the best that McCain could do? Where is Condoleeza? Heck... they could have asked Hillary if it was like that!

It wont surprise me when the enquirer has breaking news about her secret life. Just like they took down Edwards! Okay I wrote too much and I'm too tired to read it... hope it sounds logical.


Anonymous said...

She is a disaster! God save our country!

Katutu said...

Hi Manena,
Wow what a lovely blog you have made me laugh, smile and just be happy, I know that I will be back to read some more. You are so real, cool and witty & Intelligent. Oh I also love the poison wood bible (very nice indeed!!!). I have just started blogging but hardly ever get the time to write anything at all....your blog is fun and I will be reading more. Take care love and keep writing and oh FYI if you wrote a book I would make sure I buy a copy for everyone I know...I know they would enjoy it...ok I have to go before you start thinking I am a stalker or something.

God bless


PS: I am also from Zambia, I live in North Yorkshire with my husband and our two lovely boys.

Manena said...

Thank you for your lovely message Kat! Knowing that someone is actually reading this gives me the zeal to write more!
Thanks again:-)