Sunday, May 13, 2007

it's almost monday

I am not sure how I have become a little social butterfly all of a sudden. Friday night after work, the girls and I went for sushi as usual, did our bonding and met again saturday afternoon for a party with really yummy food. From that party, I left for the Washington D.C area for a soiree. Quite an interesting evening. I am getting sick of the Washington DC area, I have had to go there every weekend for one thing or another for the past month...and I think it's a bit much now! I just got 2 invitations to two more things this month, and I am already thinking up excuses as to why I can't go. Don't worry the people that invited me don't read my they don't even know I have one:) My friends think it's good for me that I'm out of the house often, but I have no issues being indoors enjoying my own company. I am the kind that can stay in the house from friday to wednesday and not feel antsy about being alone. I love my own company!!! You would have to put me in solitude for a lot longer than the average person to make me go crazy!

Oh great news!!! My brother got a scholarship to Cornell for his Master of Laws!!! He'll be closer to me, and I can get on his nerves and this time, maybe I can have a reason to visit New York!!! How exciting is that???

Also, why is it that certain people seem to think you were put on this earth specifically to serve their needs? I realize that people only treat you as bad as you let them, but some don't take the hint when I've reached my max. If I give you the opportunity to walk on by (or what others seem to think is my way of acting standoffish) keep walking, don't stand there and keep talking to me because I can be the queen of verbal diarrhea when I choose. Treat others as you want to be treated. Those are the most important words I have learnt.

LOL, I know the paranoid among you will be emailing to find out if they are responsible for the above paragraph!

Oh and can I just say how I LOVE costco and Sam's club??? they can make a sista broke, but I love being there...especially the one in Virginia, because
I can buy wine there too. Why can we not buy wine in grocery stores in Maryland?

Oh and happy mothers day to all mothers and future mothers:-)


sangwani said...

ya not coming ala (lol)

kokakolafanta said...

congrats brother to manena! ba guy vo zanda zanda!