Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Zambia Dailing system.

Effective today:(hopefully the interntional phone companies are aware and will not be charging double for phone calls!)

Please be advised that Zambia is changing it’s National Numbering Plan to increase the capacity of numbers. Subscriber Number length is changing from 6 digits starting from 1st May, 2007.

The current numbering works like this:-

097,099,098,096,095 are called National Destination Codes (NDC) and e.g (437672) being the subscriber number .

Now what will happen with the change is, the NDC number will remain except for 097,099,098 which will migrate to 097, but the subscriber numbers will change, the new subscriber number will carry the last digit of the current NDCs.


If current number is 095 164972, the new number will be 095 5164972.
“ “ “ “ 096 164972, the new number will be 096 6164972

In case of 097,098 and 099 the NDC will migrate to 097. Then any of these numbers will bear their last digit on the NDC as the fourth number on the new system.


If current number is 099 763196, the new number therefore will be : 097 9763196
If current number is 098 763196, the new number therefore will be : 097 8763196
If current number is 097 763196, the new number therefore will be : 097 7763196


For landlines, the last digit or last two digits where the area code has more than one digit, will become part of the subscriber number

Example: for Copperbelt, 02-614972 will be 2614972.
For Livingstone 032-16321, will be 3216321.

ZAMTEL now has an NDC – 021
If you are calling from a mobile phone locally, you will dial for Copperbelt 021-2614972

If you are calling Zambia from another country, you will dial:

Zamtel Landline :+260 21 2164972
Cell Z : +260 95 5164972
MTN : +260 96 6164972
Celtel : +260 97 7164972, +260 97 8164972, +260 97 9164972

The migration period will begin on 1st May, 2007, during this period subscribers will be accessed on both current and new 7 digit numbers until 31st October, 2007 when the six digit numbers will be disabled.

Compiled by : Esnart Pwele (C.A.R.S)


Cho said...

Thanks for the information.
The landline must be confusing people!! especially ba mama kumushi!

You have an interesting blog...keep it up..we need more Zambians to blog!

Manena said...

Cho: the numbers will be confusing for all of us...my family has had the same home phone number since i was 8...and that was a long time ago! Now i have to add digits to it and its pretty strange:)

kokakolafanta said...

this is what you get when all the a phiri's of the world get a cell phone!

wam said...

Many thanks. Keep it up!

Pelagie said...

Thank you so much for this! I am dialing from New York and I was totally lost as to how to reach my family until I found your explanation. Thanks

sangwani said...

Manex I am stuck,

So if I wanted to call a Zambian land line from the US is it so:

011 26 (021) 122-9310 (I jumbled this number up lol a little)?

Mills said...

This dialing code change happened years ago - well at least a year and your site is the only one with help on new codes and instructions that I ahve found to dtae. Thanks for taking the time, you made our lives a little easier ;-)