Friday, May 04, 2007


1. So Chiluba has been found guilty of misappropriation of funds...what's new? but WHY was the case done in England? LAZ??? anyone???
2. WHY don't people get that sperm + an ovum = life?
3. WHY can Cubans that reach American shores get automatic (?)asylum, but Other nationalities can't?
4. why would sanctions on Sudan stop the genocide?
5. WHY would the pope want mass in latin???
6. Why couldn't Giuliani just leave his legacy at September 11th?
7. WHY does my mother rarely call me by my 'real' name?
8. WHY is England turning American?
9. WHY is my order not here yet?
10. Why did that fool give me that stupid answer?
11. Why is burger king better than McDonalds?
12. Why are men from mars and women from venus?
13. WHY did the 3 guys go missing off the 'ghost' ship in aussie?
14. WHY G.M.O's?
15. Why do the sweet potato chips I got taste nasty???
16. WHY don't we have separate toilets fo gays and lesbians if men and women can't share toilets?
17. WHy lie???
18. WHY isn't guardisil mandatory?
19. WHY is ignorance bliss?
20. WHY wont MSNBC pick names out of a hat for poor people like me to go to the places that Matt Lauer visits?

Any way, tomorrow is cinco de mayo the second major drunkards dream. I will be in D.C. for most of the day, and after that, I will be any where the wind blows. So you wont hear from me tomorrow unless D.C really sucks:) which I doubt coz there will be plenty of hot latino's to salsa with:)


kokakolafanta said...

We should have both been in Texas for cinco de mayo lil mama!
Imwe Ka Chiluba had clothes with his initials embroidered? Kanshi why did I refuse to date Castro Chiluba? I could have eaten his money too!!!

kokakolafanta said...

Yaba! I can't get over that picture of Mosi!

African girl, American world said...

well I did date Castro...but we were 12!!! LOL!

Manena said...

OMG! Mwabi you dated psycho castro??? I'm surprised you're still normal!

Anonymous said...

Castro is dead!!!!

Hmm I really hope you did'nt date him