Monday, May 07, 2007

Mind Your Language!

I had a really fun weekend with some set backs ofcourse! I saw a few faces I haven't seen in a while...and most of the people I hadn't seen in a while have the cutest babies!!! I was like ooooooohhhh I want one of those too:)but don't tell my family that other wise they will start their 'you need to get married' speech again... seriously if you're not an unmarried Zambian adult female (or african for that matter) consider yourself blessed! They throw all these guys at you, and actually madam C at saturdays outing was like "we really have to find you a man, what about so and so? don't you think he's nice? I think he likes you! maybe I can arrange something"... this was out of the blues!...I'm thinking to myself, I am not desparate yet... when I'm 40, I'll marry any Tom, Dick and or Harry! but that's for another topic on another day!

Any way, Sego lost...awww! how crappy is that? and my friend G.dabya forgot to invite me for lunch with the queen! we'll see who laughs at his jokes next time! I am really not looking forward to him leaving the white house, who will I laugh at then? he is too comical...I start laughing even before he speaks! I should probably put a big poster of him in my house so I can be happy all day:) So why was he winking at the queen??? dude's got issues! lol

Then I got the most marvellous phone call today, and then the best package in the world! I will be the envy of my little Zed circle! The package conatins 'the gods must be crazy' part one and two, 'Mind Your Language' parts one to four and Sarafina! I can not wait to get started on Mr Blown (brown) and the Little led book of china! Laughter is truly the best medicine!

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