Thursday, May 03, 2007

Places to see before I die

This is my list of some of the places I think are really beautiful, or worthy to be seen and that I would like to see (or have seen) before I meet my maker. Now the list is tentative and could change at any one time. The list in is no particular order. I know I can’t afford to see all the places, but I’m hoping the travel channel hears my plea and sends me:)
· Statue of liberty- New York (I'm so pathetic- haven't gone yet!)
· Kyoto- Japan
· Montreal- Canada
· Trinidad and Tobago- Carnival season
· Havana- Cuba
· Namib desert- Namibia
· St. Petersburg- Russia
· Grand Canyon- Arizona- USA
· Vienna- Austria
· Sweden- To find out the truth;)
· Baja California- Mexico
· Kandy- Sri Lanka
· Phnom Penh- Cambodia- The killing fields
· Morocco- To haggle in the market
· Amsterdam- during the tulip seasons
· Hungary- for the Hungarian sausages;)
· Maasai Mara- Kenya
· Rio de Janeiro- Brazil
· Iceland- for the hot springs
· Taj Mahal- India
· London- everybody should go once!
· Sun city- South Africa
· Bankok- Thailand
· New Orleans- Louisiana- USA
· Texas- I have got to see J.R’s ranch! (Dallas)
· Machu Picchu- Peru
· Dzimba Dza Mabwe- Zimbabwe
· Williamsburg/ Jamestowne- Virginia- USA
· Great wall of China- duh China
· Okavango delta- Botswana
· Scotland- the castles- might meet royalty!
· Angel Falls- Venezuela
· Chinuoyi caves- Zimbabwe (wow)
· Bamako- Mali (during the music and film festivals)
· Roma- Italy (to test a theory;)
· Kauai or any other part or Hawaii- USA
· Paris- France
· Kalambo falls- Northern Province- Zambia
· Graceland- Memphis- Tennessee- coz Paul Simon said so!
· Seychelles- wow!
· Nkhata Bay- Malawi
· Acropolis- Greece- coz cutie pie Aristedes was from there;)
· Dubai- If I see it with my own eyes, my ghost wont rest!
· A Holocaust Museum- I think I am brave enough to see one now.
· Auckland- New Zealand
· Maldives
· Kokrobite- Ghana
· Harpers Ferry- West Virginia/ Maryland/ Virginia- USA
· Egypt- I might have been Cleopatra, but I’m not sure:)
· Kasama rock art- Zambia
· Mosi-o-tunia (Victoria) Falls- Zambia/ Zimbabwe

With the grace of God, I will see these places and more!


Cho said...

Hey, thanks for visiting the blog!!
And for your challenging thoughts. Very interesting. And please feel free to write as long as you like!

On your "places to see before I die" blog. You have some interesting places there. If you get a chance go to Luapula (Was there over Xmas) and see three things:

1. Kabwe Katenda (A huge stone that is balanced on a single tip. The most unknown of Zambian treasures)
2. Mamimbila Falls - I just love this place. Its incredible!!! So natural.
3. Isokwe Island on lake Mweru - I grew up there so I am biased :)

Manena said...

You just showed ne how little I know my own country...I have neer heard of the places you just wrote, and hopefully will get to see them one day!

kokakolafanta said...

neo ni ona lini Eastern province... do you have something *agenest* us? don't you want to see the nyau dancers?

Cho said...

Here is a story of what else is out there :)

kunichey said...

Hey gal,
ireally like this and maybe u n I could go to some of these places together huh? Really interesting blog by the way!
Ninkufuluka mwe!!

Manena said...

Hey love! thanks for leaving a comment! I miss u 2!