Monday, May 21, 2007

Respiratory allergies

The weekend went alright by my standards. I sort of double dated and went to the wine festival in columbia. Had there been a stampede at the wine festival you would be mourning my loss today! There was a HUGE crowd! The weather was great, but the pollen was so high we were all sneezing a lot. Maryland has one of the highest level of allergens or something like that, so it was inevitable that I ended up with an u allergic rhinitis. But before we go to that let me talk about the festival a bit more:
There were atleast ten Maryland wineries respresented, and each winery carries atleast 5 wines or so. Then there was food galore! hot dogs, jollof rice, jamaican patties, pilau rice, plantains, stews, funnel cakes, all types of ice name it! The crafts weren't impressive though...hats, jewelry, baskets...etc. I did not taste all the wines, nor did I taste all the food, my group and I opted to buy a few faves were Basignani's-- riesling and the cabernet sauvignon, then solomons (or whatever they're called!)--mango something wine! delish!!! I bumped into a lot of baltimorons...opps baltimoreans that I know, it was so much fun. We chilled like there was no tomorrow.
The funny part is, one friend was trying to get me to notice this one male friend of her's and I'm like..."nuh, too short!" and she's like, "but he's rich!" and I'm like "OMG! why didn't you say that before! my number is 1234!" LOL! Just laugh... you know you find it funny too! I also saw a lot of my ex co-workers... it figures!
Then I got home to nurse my allergies. Not fun at all! I do not respond well to medication, and for that reason I like to wait things out. But my nose was hurting so bad...I had to find a solution. I ended up taking loratidine because I can not take anything with psuedoephedrine (or the likes), nor can I take benadryl (or the likes)but the loratidine really did a number on me! the side effects are fatigue and dry mouth...I got both. So I have promised not to touch it again! I have no idea what I will use next for my allergic rhinitis!
Also, I got 2 special emails today. One just showed me how predictable I am. It was a foward from someone, but the first line read "Manena, please do not erase before you read it all" I laughed so hard because I typically erase forwards without reading them because I get so many. This one was a warning for an event taking place here in July...and MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!! I will be in England and wont have to find excuses to not run into Mr.Him!!! By golly, he already threatened to call me! eeeck!!!
The next email was from my little cousin Musama! Her wedding is this please keep her in prayer that her day will be a success and that she will have many more happy years with her new hubby! Oh and keep Tayani in mind too because he'll eat me alive for not mentioning that he'll be getting married soon too...I can not remember the date coz I suck...but what's new????

p/s: why do women always have to point out my tata's in public??? I'm used to men gawking, but women should really know better!


kokakolafanta said...

Musama as in Chama's sister??? Chawama!!! That's really nice news. Ma ine! "curvy hips, luscious lips...tell me can you handle this" or whatvever they sing! mwapunzila maningi make up!

kokakolafanta said...

Nibandani ba Mr.Him? musazi taba ba muna! this sounds juicy! hey what's for memorial day my sister?