Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Day March

Illegal Immigrants were out marching again yesterday, and I was too lazy to write about it. Besides I am going to say the same thing I said last year when they did it. So if interested scroll back to May 2006.
The only thing I can add is that I think they are going about their plight the wrong way! How can you break into someone’s house and DEMAND they adopt you??? It doesn’t make sense! The other argument I heard this morning is that, the government separates families by deporting the illegal parents and children born in the United States…ummm…if you’re unhappy about that, see the British and Australian laws below!!! Just because You’re born in England or Australia, doesn’t mean you’re a citizen like in the USA…so be grateful that your children are accepted here!

1. If neither parent is a British citizen or legally settled here, the child will not be a British citizen at birth. So, if a married couple have only been allowed into this country temporarily, for example, as visitors or students, or to work, and they are still limited as to how long they can stay, or if they are staying on without permission, their child will not be a British citizen at birth. Nor will their child be a British citizen if they have entered the country illegally (for example, without being examined by an immigration officer or otherwise in breach of the immigration laws) and they have not been given permission to stay here indefinitely. If the parents want to stay in the United Kingdom, we recommend that they apply to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office for themselves and their child to be given leave to remain.

2. If a child does not become a British citizen at birth, he or she may be entitled to registration as a British citizen later. This will happen if either parent becomes a British citizen or legally settles here before the child is 18; or if the child stays here until age 10. If the child is not entitled to registration, the Home Secretary may decide to allow registration.

3. Children born in Australia with at least one (1) parent who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident will continue to automatically acquire Australian citizenship at birth.
There is another approach here… where illegal immigrants can appeal to governement on a humanitarian basis and also ask for forgiveness. They can talk about how hard life is, and also appeal to the government to be linient because they have spent atleast 10 years here and technically their life is now here. Do not go demanding, because quite frankly if I were president and you commited the crime of entering my country illegally…then had the audacity to go marching to TELL me I need to give you citizenship—you wouldn’t GET it!
Another interesting thing is that, to become Mexican, you need to 1. know the history of the country, 2. SPEAK SPANISH, 3. live with a Mexican. Not that I’m picking on anyone, but why is it a big deal when a lot of hispanics are asked to speak English? ‘when in Mehico speak spanish. So when in America—speak American! nobody makes allowances for me by speaking my Bemba/ tumbuka/ nyanja...etc so wha' a gwan???????
And don't be picketing outside my door!


kokakolafanta said...

player hater! We want green cards for buying a plane ticket to America! lol!

Manena said...

That will be the day!!