Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ithaca, N.Y.

So I am back from my little trip to Ithaca...rather nice actually! The city itself is nice and small...population 30 000 or so, and apparently-- well according to out guide, Ithaca has many wonderful wineries and Cornell pretty much owns most of Ithaca. Our guide was a really nice young man who is getting married in 2 weeks. He is sooo lucky my brother was with me coz i would have made him forget her for me...lolol, that's a joke people...really I'm not in the habit of man snatching, i have my own market..okay?

Any way, we ended up going by train then bus. We went to New York City first (Finally), but i didn't take any pictures there because we had bags, and we weere walking very fast and it was hot...but I think the parts we visited reminded me of London.
We also went through Delaware (which by the way has a big Barclays bank...exciting!), then we went through Philly and New Jersey...and it was pretty cool coz the train goes through town, so you get to see a lot more. There were more boarded up houses than i imagined there to be... but i also saw beautiful houses on the path.

I also think I have an annoyingly friendly face... i just had all these weirdos wanting to chit-chat with me and offering me things...hmmm, okay so i took to the magazines...and the candy bar (which i threw out because i am paranoid about eating things from strangers even if they are wrapped).
The road to Ithaca though is rather green I must say. It reminded me somewhat of Zambia...not sure how to explain it, but it was quite nostalgic.

Oh and my brother supposedly lives 15 minutes from the University, but it's uphill...and I have not exercised in ages. We met an old foreign white man (ithaca is full of foreigners!) and it was so funny because we told him we were looking for the Law school and he goes... "oh you're criminals, it's on the left..." we laughed so hard! His English was quite bad coz he sent us in the wrong did the otherr loser we asked for direction. So at some point, I stood at the intersection of some roads that I can't remember and declared I wasn't walking any more and I was calling cab!

I saw many people crying at the station on my return. As i was almost approaching home a lady got on the bus crying while 8 of her family members stood bawling on the platform...I too burst into tears! You would have cried too! She had about 5 kids an older woman and two men standing there and they were in tears... and I just got an Oprah moment and cried!

Well maybe i was crying coz i knew I would be lonely at home now that my bro's gone. It's so funny how we quickly get used to people being around us. The neighbors definately knew that I had guests over... I was more friendly towards them than usual :)
Well we're back to the real world now. Things will somewhat be back to normal.

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African girl, American world said...

aww...well at least baby brother is only a train and not plane ride away now :)