Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ifwe tuli maluba...

Death has a way of showing us how fragile and short lived life is...especially when it's that of a "young" person... May Bernie Mac rest in peace. Here is a clip of my fav Mac 'Milk and cookies'

Olympics started...and our very own Baltimore grown Micheal Phelps won surprise there! That dude is a dolphin! People that have met him in the area say he's really nice too.
The opening of the Olympics was spectacular!

You know what's weird? when Morgan Freeman had his accident I had just come from watching the bucket I cried! damned hormones! Somethings are not logical to me. Ossetia is like...just a piece of land. Georgia only just recovered in the last few years, I can not believe they even had the resources to fight! Quite impressive really...even though they play very dirty..."cease fire!"...."oh wait! did we just throw a bomb??!!"

The International conference on AIDS just ended... I have no comment to make on that other than that the fight still goes on.

Oh my house painting went fabulous! I love my new color! I HATED every minute of painting and taking down that ridiculous window treatment...but I am soooo happy with the results and have my wonderful friends to thank for that!
We looked so tired at the party that night...we were all just deflated!

dang! It looks like rain...and I am supposed to spend all afternoon outside!

A very happy birthday to my cousin Kimmy!!!! Happy hundredth birthday luv! I love you and your new dentures:-) LOL...and If I don't call you at 3pm today..remember it's about how I feel about you on the inside, not what I physically do okay?

Also...C$ are INSANE!

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Anonymous said...

Nice colors for the house!