Monday, August 18, 2008

Amor Fati

I watched 'Tropic thunder' this weekend because it had good reviews. Well it was funny, but not that good. I should have seen 'Step brothers' instead. I think. Well... I went to redbox to make up for my loss, and then watched some comedy thing hosted my Cedric the entertainer and We are/ were Marshalls'... hmmm. Then I went to a festival.

Oh and Baltimore's own Michael Phelps did it!!! 8 gold medals!!!

OMG!!! we also finally got news on the president of the republic of Zambia! The BBC reports his condition is "worse" but that surgery was "successful". How many weeks has it been since the last news?
Talking about Zambia-- I sent in applications to renew my passport yesterday. I will be amused and keep you all updated on how long the procedure takes...and whether or not they lose the application or something. I will be impressed if the process is short and uncomplicated.

Also Musharraf finally stepped down...yippee! *short applause*
and those evil son's of ho's that killed the newly weds on their honeymoon in Antigua have been arrested.

....a show off couple in Egypt had sextuplets!!! Who can ever doubt their fertility again?

Then according to the news today Greenspan is to blame for the bad Einstein for real???

Oh I'm zoning out-- that 70's show is on telly and I can't concentrate:-)
Oh I also need to show you a clip of Howard dean erroneously calling the Republican party the "white party'...funny stuff...

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