Monday, August 25, 2008

Dem convention and other news

Anyshway-- The dem convention started off with a bang...Billary spoke--and I got nauseated just listening. I swear I used to like the Clintons...but I am now questioning myself about that. I suppose it's the way her supporters are acting and the things I have heard said. Can you believe that there are people that will not vote for Obama because he short listed Hillary then didn't nominate her for VP??? what kind of doodoo is that? It's either you belong to the party and believe in it's values or you belong to the party because you love Hillary in which case you are not a true democrat if you can easily change your skin because the leader is not the one you chose. Total bullshit! If I were a party leader I wouldn't want wishy-washy supporters like that any way because they do not believe in their party.

This is what I admire most about the republican party-- They can be mad as hell that the wrong dude won, but they will stick it out and pretend they sort of love the guy because he is one of them. Dubya is a great example. You all know billy bob would have prefered someone more Republican than dubya...but they still voted for him when it was time. They didn't all of a sudden become democrats!

'A true member sticks by his party so long as the core values of the party and the personal beliefs of the man have not been changed.' (Sensei Manena- 2008)

I was just listening to some pro-life chick at the convention and she too has just made me nauseous. LOL... can someone sensible take the stage please????

Frankly like I said before, Biden is a good pick for Obama-- he could have done better, but this will be okay. HIs choices weren't that good any way! It was like dumb or dumber? McCain has better choices, so I hope he doesn't mess up!

Oh and I always knew Edwards was a slime ball!!! What the hell was that???? While your wife lay dying you were out making mr happy very Happy??? I seriously don't understand how men have been in control of the world this long! (oh that still doesn't mean I like Hillary!)

Any way, at this point (and things could change), I believe McCain has the presidency in his hands. He will only lose if he messes up pretty badly-- in which case this better be the last time he stands!
For one thing, people are tired of hearing about Obama: negative or positive. For another, Obama's party has MAJOR unity issues and they will be his downfall.

Okay I am off to watch the "real" convention it's 9pm:-)

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