Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC opening

Okay my hormones must be all out of whack!!! I watched the whole opening and I cried several times...OMG!

Things of note:- The dems can sure throw a party!
Edward Kennedy: This is a die hard Democrat and I cried when I saw how much public service he has done. The health care professional in me though was cringing every time he shook hands with people because of his weakened immunity at present.

Jim Leach:- This is a die hard Republican and he is passionate about his country. I enjoyed the brief history lesson. I loved that he said "country comes before party." He has issues with his party at the moment, but knows it's about the progress of the country and not the little issues they may have in his party. Impressive.

Michelle Obama:- I cried several times. She has really become a butterfly. She was controlled, calm, collected and didn't sound as 'black panther-ish' as before. She definitely has a coach and the coach is doing a good job! The only issue I had with her is that as first lady, you must know how to pronounce things and the word IRAQ is pronounced eerak and not I- raq. She really did try to fix her husbands faux pas about the blue collar workers. The babies are just devine:-) The little one is a smarty pants-- so cute!

I can not wait for the rest.... 88th anniversary of women being able to vote-- excellent. All in all the speakers inspired me to feel like I can do more. One day at a time:-)

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