Monday, August 25, 2008

Tantra and such

It has been so busy lately I run out of time to do stuff... I have promised myself to slow down once winter pops back around... so I hope I can hold steady until then!

Well, friday I went to the Maryland state fair and ate myself silly... and this was my first time at the state fair... so I was walking around like a country bumpkin observing all the lights and stuff.

Saturday was my buddy Heather's bachelorette and we went to her friends house for pre-party appetizers and martini's, then we picked up the guys-- then it was ON and poppin in D.C! We went to Indebleu/ Tantra lounge and just had a blast! We had a VIP table and danced all night. We didn't get home till 6am-- then the men decided they would make us breakfast...and the one girl started throwing up...and I was like OMG...I am going home! Okay I was a party pooper and went home instead of staying the night as planned:-) The high light of the noght is that our bill came to $1500...and the "big baller" in the group said "I gat this!" I was in awe. The guy didn't even bat an eye when he paid. It was like superman in the flesh!

Sunday I ate everything I could get my hands on, and went to Annapolis for the afternoon. I was soooo tired I slept by 8pm and didn't wake up till my alarm went off... and surprise surprise-- guess who worked on a monday? YES! ME!!! It was rather strange because I haven't worked on a monday in a long time... but i planned it that way because Tuesday is the 26th of August and that's one of the days I never work per year.

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