Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thanks to you know who for you know what:-) Next time I want the VIP seats though dawg! LOL
I had a fantabulous weekend!

Virgin Music festival was totally awesome...they had Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Foo fighters, She and him, Lil Wayne, Nine inch nails, Jack Johnson, Duffy, Stone Temple pilots, KT Tunstall.... the list goes on and on!

Kanye closed off the show...he was not late...and claimed he's never late, but dude had a whole preaching ceremony about how he hates the media (lights flashing!), and how great it is that the middle man is no longer getting rich off talented musicians because of technological advances...blah blah blah! Just shut up and sing like you were paid to goshdagit!

I think I am the only one in the world that understands the meaning of the word fatigue right now!

Also there were massive amounts of weed going around....and I was right in the middle and inadvertently inhaled the surrounding fumes. So then all of a sudden I was starving and couldn't figure out why because I had just eaten two hours before that.... then it hit me! I'm so fly no lie and you know this....!!!

I also drank a lot of strawberry margaritas even though a month ago I had vowed not to touch those suckers for a was hot and that was the only frozen drink they were I took it:-) and enjoyed the hell out of it!

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