Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Happy happy joy joy!!!!
Guess what happened today? I found a long lost cousin! This child is the daughter of my father's brother (MHSRIP) and I have not seen her since her father's funeral approx 18 years ago! Both her parents and her brother dies within a short period of time, and she went off to live with an aunt and that's the last I saw or heard of her. Well lo and behold... she invited my sister as a friend on face book... and this is my sister:
Sis: well I added her coz we had the same last name, but I wasn't sure who she was.
me: but her name is the same as grandma's and it's not a common name
sis: well, cousin dude said that's not grandma's name
me: please don't tell me you thought her name was mbuya (tumbuka for grandma)!
Sis: No. Besides I was worried dad might have had another child and this was her... I didn't want a new sister! sister needs major HELP
I loved hanging out at my uncle's house when I was younger...mostly because they were a fun easy going couple, and coz it was near my school. It sucks that they died.
Any way, I am going to have fun bonding with my cousin, we have many years to catch up on! She's in Canada...which works out okay, coz it's more feasible that Indonesia or something:-)

Also-- God needs to cut me some slack...for real! He knows what I'm talking about. Can I get a witness???


Anonymous said...

ohhh! Your story made me cry: That is so sweet.

African girl, American world said...

mune, I have been found by bululu's also on FB. Its kinda cool.