Monday, November 13, 2006

The Yes Men

I watched the funniest thing today called "the yes men" also

They show how seriously the rest of the world believes anything that comes out of the mouths of the IMF/ World Bank/ American big business partners/ WTO...etc

These guys pretend to be WTO officials, because their website looks like the WTO website, and people write to them to invite them to officiate at certain meetings because they think they are speaking to the WTO.

The guys then do stupid exaggerated skits to see if the people know they are talking to fakes...and the people at the meeting don't notice that the guys are talking s*it its hillarious! tears were pouring down my face as they stood at one of the meetings in i guess norway or something...(I forgot which country) and they told the crowd it was nice and cheap to get a slave in Africa to improve business and textile...and then they blow up a long penis attached to the speakers "super hero" suit and the crowd cheers! they still don't catch on that they're being teased!

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