Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ngosa Brother's I know I've slacked off this week...but for good reason!
last friday I went to what I could describe as the best "Zambian singer" concert I have ever been to. It was held at the IMF offices in downtown DC. Ofcourse it wouldn't have been perfectly Zambian if they we're running on time...but 2 hours behind time was pushing it!!!

There was soooo much food we could have fed all of east Africa and then some! It was more professionaly put than most African concerts I have attended...! It was tad more on the religious side, but i went there more for the music than to pray really and trully...but also because I kind of think one of the singers was made for me....aaaaahhhh(sigh) Maaaattthhheeeww!!! He's got the whittest teeth ever...and boy can he whine that waist!

I screamed so much and laughed so hard...the oldest brother in the crew is a hoot! I hope you'll be able to view the video I uploaded.

Then I came home Saturday to write about Governor Ehrlich and his buddy Martin O'Malley for my political sociology boring!

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