Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election '06

lol...I find it sooo funny that my yahoo account has me pegged for a republican and that I get soo much mail from them...then my hotmail account assumes I'm a democrat...and i receive a lot of mail from them too...
sad thing is...................................I have no priviledges to vote in this country and would be of no help to either party...I wonder if I should let them know...hhhmmm...but they are my only friends that write to me mail boxes might be empty if i tell them!!!
I just got mail from , , - I am finally friends with Laura and newt gingrich! I wonder if he knows I'm black...hhhmmmm! I have heard the guy speak...pretty scary stuff! If he ever becomes president--God forbid it! I will bleach my skin, buy a blonde wig and baby blue contact lenses!

and from hotmail I got mail from my buddy Barrack Obama--(who should hold off on running for president--unless he wants to waste money--which is a shame for an African to do!), Hillary, just to name a few. So you see, I have friends in high places!

My popularity is soaring this year...if i can say so myself! I need to go freshen up and wait for the next email:)

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African girl, American world said...

does he know I'm black? LOL!