Saturday, November 04, 2006

Zambian Politics

My eyes were teary while my mouth laughed in amusement as I was getting off the phone with Steven. He had just been informing me rather humourously that Vera Chiluba- our country's ex-presidents's ex-wife (bear with me...its not that complicated in a country with a VERY high divorce rate) had just been appointed to deputy minister of environment! I assumed he was just saying it to make me laugh...I mean come on...everybody knows she's bordering on illiterate...nobody could get away with appointing her to such an important position! well you know what they say about assumptions--they surely make an ass out of you!

It was confirmed for me by the BBC and other media -- this is sad and funny!

How in the world!!! and the passive Zambians-- how long shall they kill our profits, while we stand aside and look????

On a nice note about capitalism... there was a story in the news yesterday about a guy who discovered some letter written by many distressed people and posted to a pastor who had since gone on to be with the lord. The letters are about anything and everything from wanting to win the lottery to feeling sorry about an abortion. Well dude that found the letters is putting them on auction in ebay to make some money! So if you know you wrote to a pastor about a certain delicate situation...i would keep my eye on ebay!

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African girl, American world said...

Ba Vera?? I had not heard! I dated her crazy son for a day or 2. LOL!