Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Down...

I am watching prez bush announce that Rumsfeld has "resigned" from his post!!!
I would sooo like to meet G. Dabya because he really amuses me...! he was like "I thought we would do well last night...shows what I know!" LOLOLOL ... then he was like "I said rumsfeld and the vice prez will stay on before the elections because i didn't want Iraq to overshadow the elections and now I accept his resignation" then he says again that he said rumsfeld will stay on because--"we didn't have a replacement yet"... ??????????? excuse me?????

This is not what i was expecting to talk about today...but i turned the t.v on...and there he was... like a figure from mad TV or the cartoon network...he brings me so much joy and entertainment I can not get enuff of his expressions!!!

let me finnish listening to him...You can be my "papa sucre" any time dabya:) :) :)
and Oh gosh Harold lost!!!...........

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