Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Delay of ARV's in Africa

Someone in my class doing a presentation on Thabo Mbeki assumed the reason that a lot of South African's (or Africans in the southern part of Africa--Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique...etc) had AIDS because Mbeki refused to introduce ARV's in the country. Now I am not sure where the dude got his info from, but I had to correct him, because I remembered that in the 90's drug companies and researchers were not keen on giving poor people ARV's because there was no guarantee that they would take the medication as ordered, or that they would be able to afford the medication regularly. This was important because they were afraid that a drug resistant form of HIV/AIDS would be released into society.

Truthfully, this was understandable though a tad wicked. The rich live, while the poor die! We all know how we used to share medication in Africa. Someone would be like "oh i have a fever!" and someone else would be like "oh i had the same fever last week, take some of this medication i have left from what i took." And they would gladly hand over their left over antiobiotics--which should never have been left over if they were taken the right way!


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