Saturday, October 20, 2007

Africans are genetically dummies!

I love fridays! So yesterday I was BBC browsing and discovered that a nobel prize winning DNA pioneer James Watson had declared that Africans are less intelligent than Europeans!

That's like totally awesome news for me!!! I mean dude...I have been waiting for a non serious disabillity to claim...and now I have the perfect alibi! Now I can go on disability and not have to go to work coz i'm not INTELLIGENT enough to understand what's going on! I am overwhelmed by excitement!!!

I also now have the perfect reason to be and to act IGNORANT! *happy dance* chikokoshi! They don't even have to do a damned IQ test...just based on my continent of birth...I am a dumb ass!!! woo hooo!!!

All Jokes aside though...I REFUSE to be classified as less Intelligent than the Billy bobs of the world! I don't CARE how many genetic tests are done to prove that I am. Period.

Oh some bastards killed Lucky Dube...what the hell???

There was an African Catholic Association day of prayer in Rockville today... and i was too lazy to go:-)

Oh and I forgot to say MAJOR Kodo's to our very own Caleb Fundanga the governor of Bank of Zambia.

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