Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I just came back from buying candy for the trick or treaters... I don't think we have a lot of kids in the area, but oh well- my work mates will eat the rest of the candy.
My niece is sooo funny she kills me! She called to sing a song for me, and there i was thinking it's some Yoruba song that her mother taught her or something, then i found out it was actually that rhianna song 'umbrella'! I had a great laugh! And she calls breasts 'bonita's' after the pasteurized milk boxes sold in Zambia!!! she cracks me up!
So little Martin O'malley- the Governor of Maryland wants to work at increasing taxes in Maryland and "decreasing" property taxes...which is a farce coz it wont come into effect till 2010 or so...and his dumb ass will probably no longer be Governor at the time. I am not happy with all these increases when my pay check stays the same!
Oh well gotta run... haven't had dinner yet:-)

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