Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's not all black and white!

So today I received this article:-

and all I can say is that I am tired of strained race relations!!! I know that i have written ad nauseum about race and so has the media: Jena-6, black stripper, development burnt down coz blackies were moving in, cars spray painted with the word 'nigger', nooses in trees, black chick kidnapped and assaulted by white boyfriend and his hill billy family, vick and his dogs... I am exhausted!!!

Now with that article from D.C saying black leaders have lost influence...well duh??? If black leaders keep standing up for every little story involving black people before the investigation of the alleged crime is even complete... then ofcourse that will help dwindle their image! Especially if later the findings indicate that the black person was in fact guilty... or lying!
It doesn't matter what country you're from or what colour you are. You always loose credibility when you keep taking on crappy fights!

The United States of America. Why can't the people unite? why isn't there just plain outrage that something bad has happened to someone? why must we always 'colour
co-ordinate' things?

Not everything is black and white, but i'm sure there are instances where because of ignorance on both sides of the fence, race determines the outcome of something.

I do not agree that many black people don't get hired because of their skin colour. I personally haven't had that happen (I'm one of the lucky few who have never been turned down for a job), and I do not know anyone that has. (Now granted all my black friends are African or caribean so that could be a reason.) But if I were the hiring manager at a fascility and you showed up looking for a job with sagging pants, a mini skirt, unkempt hair, funny looking dread locks, not articulate, dirty background check, visible tattoos, haven't kept a job more than a few months...I don't care what colour you are, I'm not hiring you unless i'm desparate.

In response to Mwabi's post ,I too do not agree with black history month or that it's okay to have BET or Latino television because I wouldn't be tolerant of 'white entertainment television' (although it probably exists with annother name like CBS, or or groups for the advancement of white people. American history should just be that. American history. Labelling things black or white to me just increases the chasm that exists between the two groups.

Lets also not forget that black Americans and Africans also have strained relations at times.

I hate that Ben Carson is celebrated because he's a black man, or that Condee Rice is a black woman with clout. To me that implies that you thought black people were too stupid to achieve all that.

I think that if the NAACP, black panther...etcetera are short on things to do, they can concentrate on encouraging young black people on achieving more than just in sports and music and help fight ignorance.

Recognize ignorance for what it is. lets not give it a skin color. I too have beena victim of ignorance many times: I have had a patient refuse to get treatment from me because I am a "nigger", or monsignor Tinder calling africans dumb, or someone being disowned by his grand mother because he's white and he dated me, or the countless number of black Americans using degrading tones to my African buddies and I in class just coz we didnt understand or speak ebonics!

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